Being your Vietnam Sourcing Company allows us to work in different ways and to play different roles, according to what suits best our clients needs and interests.
We can operate as, and not limited to:

Buyer’s Representative

Seller’s Representative

Trading House
Brokerage House
Purchasing Office

Sourcing Advisor

Market Advisor

Third Party Custom Clearance

On-Site Inspections

We WORK under a flexible and simple structure, which allows us to be more competitive.

We DO NOT speculate on the market, hence our customers are protected from any risk of price variation.

We GIVE you options and suggest you which is the one we feel best for your needs.

We PROVIDE you with solutions over transportation, freight forwarding and warehousing in Vietnam.

We KNOW which are the quality requirements in the most demanding market as Europe and USA.

We CARE about our buyers and our suppliers satisfaction, considering this as the main target in our business.

We CONDUCT business in a safe, professional and accountable way.

We WANT everybody to sleep smoothly when doing business with us.