Canh Dong Xanh Trading Co., Ltd   is active in the field of logistics since 2010. Witnessing the growing demand and the growing market leadership of Vietnamese Agricultural Commodities, the company expanded its business scope to Agricultural Products Trading, with the main focus of providing to clients oversea an efficient way to purchase Vietnamese Agricultural Products.

Canh Dong Xanh Trading Co., Ltd can be the ideal partner of any company active in International trade with interest to develop their contacts and operations in Vietnam, either as a sourcing ground or a destination market.

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Canh Dong Xanh Trading Co., Ltd plays the role of traders, agents and brokers with the aim to give the best and most convenient solution to our clients worldwide. Through Canh Dong Xanh Trading Co., Ltd, buyers of Vietnamese Commodities can easily access to up-to-date market information, price-saving sources and quality-ensuring practices.

For both Food Industries, Food Traders and Wholesalers, procurement is a key part of the business, and limited mistakes are allowed.
This is why we know it is essential to have an effective collaboration in the sourcing countries.
We candidate ourselves as a long-term reliable partner of any company which has (or wants to have) business in Vietnam.

Industrial importers hold their market advantage in added value and know-how put on their final products. The main efforts of an importer should be dedicated to improve the processing line and  the market penetration. At the same time, as mentioned, a good on-time and strategic sourcing activity is the key to success in the sales. This is why it is important to establish long-term relationship with reliable overseas suppliers and exporters.

Canh Dong Xanh Trading Co., Ltd is a valuable partner for any purchasing office, having permanent presence on the territory and a well-established network of suppliers which can provide the most useful market information to plan the importers’ strategy accordingly.e most useful market information to plan the importers’ strategy accordingly.